What should I wear?

To get the most from your pole class, wearing the right clothing will aid your learning and your ability to carry out moves correctly and safely. Students must always wear appropriate exercise attire, A shirt/vest, shorts/leggings and bare foot is required. The clothing must be for exercise purposes; therefore, casual clothing is not allowed. No jeans or any article of clothing with zippers or rivets. Please do not apply lotions or creams on the day of the class. Not only will it make you slippy but increase the chance injury. It also leaves the poles slippery for others, increasing their risk of injury too.


We ask at the beginning of every class that you remove any items of jewellery from your hand, wrists and neck, this also includes watches and sport trackers. Poles are specialised, expensive equipment and jewellery can damage them. Your jewellery will also become damaged and/or bent. If you are unable to remove rings please ensure they are taped up. 

How strong do you have to be?

You build your strength as you learn new techniques and skills. The class will provide strength, conditioning and flexibility exercises. We also do plenty of stretching in both warm up and the cool down in every class.

How do I pay / book my classes?

Pay on arrival at the studio where your instructor will sign you in. All booking can be booked with your instructor at the studio or through the website and social network sites.

What if I can't make a class?

The studio is pretty flexible on cancellations, if you are unable to attend class we do understand things to crop up or unforeseen circumstances do occur, Please just give us a courtesy call, as we could give that place to another student that maybe on the waiting list. Thank you!

Private classes- Unfortunately at the moment we no longer run private classes due to instructors personal family life and other work commitments

Courses and / or workshops are not refundable or transferable once paid for.

How much are classes?

Our group class is £8.50 pay as you  go. We also do membership bookings of 5 consecutive sessions for £35 up front payment.

Is there a minimum age limit for Pole.

Unfortunately we have changed our insurance to only allow students from the age of 16+.  Children between the ages of 16 and 18 must have written consent to train and both the student and the parent must sign a disclaimer in person before their first class.

I am pregnant can I come to classes?

If you are an existing pole student of Pole Intentions you must notify your instructor as soon as you are aware you are pregnant. You are welcome to attend class only up until 12 weeks or to the point at which your doctor / midwife is happy for you to do this. During pregnancy our insurance does not cover your continued training; we are unable to teach you anything new that your body is not used to. New students who are pregnant unfortunately cannot start classes.

How many are in the class?

Group classes with Pole Intentions are capped at 12 students per class, a maximum of three students per pole. This is a great ratio to allow you plenty of pole time whist having little breaks in between. A smaller number of students also allows for your instructor to make sure each student receives equal support. Our classes are designed for you to get the best from your class.

Is pole Safe?

With any sport there is risk of injury, but we aim to make your training and the studio as safe as we can. You will be taught by certified instructors using correct and efficient spotting techniques whilst you build your confidence. We have various sizes of mats and crash mats can be provided. All equipment is maintained and current. Pole Intentions is also approved and registered by the Pole Dance Community.